Education's Ecology

As of yesterday, 29 February, I've closed down further writing and editing of Education's Ecology, the book I have been shepherding for a decade. I'll let it rest for a few weeks and then look into alternatives for publication. I'm considering a Kindle book or another venture with Barnes and Nobel's custom publications.

For Education's Ecology, my treatment of public schools, teachers, tests, textbooks and technology is not kind. There are important reasons tor rethinking schooling including failures of our civic standing with democracy, the erratic performances of students as measured by standardized testing, the dropout rate as measured and unmeasured, the direct and opportunity costs of education, the abuse of technologies as well as, most importantly, the anthropocene and our collective planetary imperative.

I will be working on releasing some parts of the book and will do so on this website. Accordingly, I encourage visitors to the site, to return occasionally to see what may be new and available.  I am interested in comments and thoughts about anything I write, so feel free to contact me (bflind58 (at) gmail (dot) com OR bflind (at) cheqnet (dot) net ... using "book news" in the subject line ) if you want to learn more or know about new releases. 

Education's Ecology is about—perhaps all about—relationships within a framework or paradigm of connections and actions.  It is also about the enormous complexity that surrounds this "thing" we casually, and too often unthinkingly, label as "education" when we may actually mean inform or indoctrinate among many other misuses. Ecology is also commonly used to advance notions of complexity involving networks and systems. Education Ecology now gravitates broadly toward systems thinking and explores the importance of Social Systems Design for the Future of Education.

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Bruce Lindgren

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Last revised 9 April 2023.