Education's Ecology


The following represent a partial listing of interesting approaches that are making impacts on the conduct of schools and may find growing acceptance or accommodation among schoolists.

  • Project Based Learning,
  • Flipped Classrooms,
  • Chartered Schools,
  • Teacher-led Schools,
  • Environmental Education,
  • Civic Education,
  • Adult Education,
  • 1:1 Computing,
  • Experiential Education,
  • Montessori Schools
  • Waldorf (Steiner) Schools
  • Un-Schools
  • Homeschooling
  • Common Core Standards
  • Vouchers
  • Teacher Professional Certification
  • Badges, Portfolio, Performance
  • Social Emotional Learning

Schoolists -- a class of individuals with a belief in schools and schooling for education. Schoolism is a form resembling dogma. In other words the premise that education must be conducted in schools is unquestioned. That tends to set schools apart from the neighborhood or community for which the schools was formed and is supported. This separation is aided and abetted by placing management in the hands of administrators (superintendents, principals) who are able to rise above democracy and establish a hierarchy excluding collective decision making and subordinating teachers to a role of rule-bound classroom managers.  MORE will follow.

Project-based Learning -- a tenet of educational psychology and the contemporary philosophy of education surrounds the social construction of knowledge. An extension of this tenet is that engagement of individuals in projects is able to foster learning that is deep and holds unique meaning for the individuals participating in solving a challenging problem.

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Last modified 28 April 2020