Education's Ecology

Education Ecology is about, perhaps all about, relationships. It is also about the enormous complexity that surrounds this "thing" we casually, and too often unthinkingly, call "education." My own thoughts about education, teaching, learning and life have evolved enormously across many decades of engagement beginning as a student, continuing without a break as a biology faculty member in higher education, and emerging through work as an activist and consultant. My hope is that this site will become a repository for not only my thoughts and writing but a place where others with concern for education can contribute to a community of interest that will facilitate the evolution of education. As a biologist and an environmental activist I rather naturally now gravitate toward systems thinking and many influences emphasize the importance of Social Systems Design for the Future of Education.

For a decade that ended five years ago, I wrote weekly essays under a title: TGIF -- Taking Great Ideas Forward, that focused on the intersection of economics and ecology with a spirited argument that education is an uncommon link for both. That effort continues with sporadic entries to a BLOG site called TGIF Any Day.

The website will host Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS), where I, as well as  others, can create courses to support new directions for education's ecology.  Click Here. The first offering is my Introduction to Education Ecology , which will take on enough structure in a few weeks to support anyone who may want to learn and contribute to thinking about education's ecology. The site will also provide a menu of pages describing alternatives to schools, schoolism, schoolists and the untenable economic and intellectual burdens that society has heaped on our systems for education.


Bruce Lindgren

bflind58 (at) gmail (dot) com